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Home Books The Joy of The Gospel of Life: Contextual Reflections on Mission and Evangelism

The Joy Of The Gospel Of Life: Contextual Reflections On Mission And Evangelism

Geevarghese Coorilos Nalunnakkal

ISBN: 9788184655834
Geevarghese Coorilos Nalunnakkal
Imprint: ISPCK/CCA
Subject: Mission and Evangelism
Published On: 2016
Indian price: Rs. 175 Stock 
Intl. Price: US $ 10 Stock 
Cover: Paperback
No. of Pages: 182
CD Included: No
Size (l * b): Demy
Ecumenical missiology has travelled quite far since Edinburgh (1910). It has undergone sweeping changes ever since. The accent on missiology has shifted from colonial modes to postcolonial paradigms; from classical modes to contextual modes; from monolithic Euro-centric ways of thinking and doing mission to polyphonic expressions of missiology; from confessional slants to truly ecumenical perspectives; and from human centredness to life-centric missiology. It is these shifts in mission thinking that this book attempts to reflect on. "Bishop Coorilos' approaches are not always based on anger and cries alone, but also on the joy that is generated while standing with the oppressed people in fighting for their dignity and liberation; when we are committed to the mission of solidarity with the marginalized, and when we move 'together towards life'. This has equipped him to write this book with a broad vision of the ecumenical movement. It is my humble honor to commend this volume for the purpose of rejuvenating the ecumenical movement and re-energizing mission with 'the joy of the Gospel of Life.'''