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Human Resource Management In The Society Of Jesus
Human Resource management in the Society of Jesus
ISBN : 9788184656039
Author :
Francis Ezhakunnel SJ
Imprint : ISPCK
Subject : East-West Dialogue
Published On : 2017
Indian price : Rs. 225 Stock 
Intl. Price : US $ 10 Stock 
Cover : Paperback
No. of pages : 208
CD Included : No
Size (l * b) : Demy
The indispensability of Human Resource Management in today’s world can never be exaggerated. This applies not only to the corporate world but also to the Church and to all her organizations. This book is a novel and timely contribution to human resource management in the Society of Jesus and attempts to revisit the foundations of the Society of Jesus from the perspective of the modern day corporate world. The book is highly valuable not only for the Society of Jesus but for all Religious Congregations and Dioceses. I strongly recommend its use for a more effective and efficient management of our human resources in order to fulfil with greater faithfulness the mission Christ has entrusted to us i.e. to witness to God’s Kingdom in this world. Most Rev. Anil Couto, The Arch Bishop of Delhi Fr. Francis turned a brilliant insight into a fully-developed understanding of the parallel between the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola and modern human resource management, culminating in this very important book. Application of the HR principles outlined in this book will assist priests, religious and laity who are serving the Church in various capacities. The book assures that the readers can apply well-known and effective HR management practices to achieve the best results. Dr. Cristina Banks, University of California, Berkeley A must read book for all engaged in the administration of church institutions. Great efforts put in to intertwine apostolic activities with human resource management making both meaningful and relevant in these changing times. For the lay professionals, the book is an invitation to discern super-ordinate goals in one's career while for the church administrators the book is an invitation to engage human resource management function to make their work scientific and timely. This book is a good contribution to the body of knowledge in Human Resource Management. Dr. MG Jomon, Associate Dean-Corporate Programs, XLRI
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