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Stewardship Sermons
Stewardship Sermons
ISBN : 9788184655988
Author :
Probal Kanto Dutta
Prabhjot Primrose Masih
Imprint : ISPCK
Subject : Sermons
Published On : 2017
Indian price : Rs. 60 Stock 
Intl. Price : US $ 5 Stock 
Cover : Paperback
No. of pages : 68
CD Included : No
Size (l * b) : Demy
"Those who have come into a genuine contact with Christ cannot keep HIM for themselves, they must proclaim HIM." Pope John Paul II Christianity demands a different approach to life. Jesus, our role model, offers an alternative way of looking at the world where people will not seek to be a master but rather will seek to be servants. The verse "It is more blessed to give than to receive" describes the true spirit of Stewardship. Stewardship Sermons elaborates different aspects of Stewardship. It can be used as resource for pastors and lay people to introspect and maybe to transform themselves and the society they live in.
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