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Whither The Indian Church?
Whither the Indian Church?
ISBN : 9788184655957
Author :
Gnana Robinson
Imprint : ISPCK
Subject : Ecclesiology
Published On : 2016
Indian price : Rs. 400 Stock 
Intl. Price : US $ 20 Stock 
Cover : Paperback
No. of pages : 346
CD Included : No
Size (l * b) : Royal
The Book 'Whither the Indian Church?' reflects the author's sixteen years experiences of struggle against corruption in churches in India, which he headed after his retirement as Principal from the United Theological College, in Bangalore in 2000. The book exposes the unbelieving, irresponsible and the spiritually dead nature of the churches in India today and calls faithful believers in Christ to awake, arise and build up a cross-centered, corruption-free Church of the thorn-crowned Servant King Christ.
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