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The Two Parables : Tradition And Heuristics

Jerome Sylvester

ISBN: 9788184656374
Jerome Sylvester
Imprint: ISPCK/CCA
Subject: Exegesis
Published On: 2017
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Intl. Price: US $ 10 Stock 
Cover: Paperback
No. of Pages: Paperback
CD Included: No
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The richness of theology of the parable of the Good Samaritan and the literary genre adopted by St.Luke are profound. The various traditional exegetical methods have values of cultures embedded in them. When the text is determined through textual criticism we gain access to the elements needed for exegesis and hermeneutics. The conclusions drawn by hermeneutical approaches have enhanced contextualization throughout centuries. When interpretations happen within a particular cultural context and individual s life situation, the parables become a life transforming message. The composition of the e two parables, the Good Samaritan and Prodigal Son, reveals how St. Luke has attempted to universalize the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth in the missionary context of the early Church. The heuristic exploration into the Lukan Travel Narrative from the Indian perspective of the Folkloristic has identified keys for new interpretation from khristbhakta’s appropriation of Christian message and Christ experience. This type of interpretation is called advocacy hermeneutics