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Home Books Corona of Thorns? or Corona of Life? Changing Church in the Covid Context

Corona Of Thorns? Or Corona Of Life? Changing Church In The Covid Context

Francis Gonsalves

ISBN: 9788194656913
Francis Gonsalves
Vincent Victor
Imprint: ISPCK
Subject: Contextual Theological Education
Published On: 2020
Indian price: Rs. 150 Stock 
Intl. Price: US $ 6 Stock 
Cover: Paperback
No. of Pages: 112
CD Included: No
Size (l * b): Demy
At every crucial juncture in history, beset by some crisis or the other, committed thinkers have reflected on how these would impact the present and the future. The Covid-19 pandemic has shattered our world and impacted all life far beyond our wildest imaginings. Reflecting upon diverse contexts and present problems of this pandemic, select Christian scholars also sense possibilities. They ask: Could what is now seen as a corona of thorns also be perceived as a crown of life? This pioneering initiative will surely answer a few questions, raise some others, and trigger further research on how the very essence of the Church could be redefined.