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Home Books Struggle for Land Rights in 1 Kings 21

Struggle For Land Rights In 1 Kings 21

Jeevan Kumar Ravela

ISBN: 9788184652512
Jeevan Kumar Ravela
Subject: Dalit
Published On: 2012
Indian price: Rs. 150 Stock 
Intl. Price: US $ 7 Stock 
Cover: Paperback
CD Included: No
Size (l * b): demy
This book focuses on the theme land that was 'inheritance' according to the understanding of Deuteronomistic History. It gives an insight into "inheritance", its rights and privileges, and particularly deals with the various reasons for the violation of land rights in the Naboth story. It also looks at the problem of violation of land rights of the Dalits in the context of Special Economic Zone-a severe problem that needs to be addressed in the present-day Indian context. The biblical story of Naboth is also re-read from a Dalit perspective by using an appropriate Dalit Hermeneutics, which is meant to usher in a better understanding of the Word of God. This understanding may empower the Dalits to face the challenges in their struggle for land rights.