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Discipleship And Dialogue

Eric J.Lott

ISBN: 9788184652758
Eric J.Lott
M.Thomas Thangaraj
Andrew Wingate
Subject: Millennium Issues
Published On: 2013
Indian price: Rs. 350 Stock 
Intl. Price: US $ 16 Stock 
Cover: Paperback
No. of Pages: 320
CD Included: No
Size (l * b): Royal
Here is a book of rare importance. Relating to people whose faith-traditions differ from our own raises issues at the heart of Christian discipleship. -Is there a ‘tension’ between being a faithful disciple and engaging in dialogue? -What are the Christian compulsions for relating to Hindus, Buddhists and others? -In a violent world does interfaith dialogue hold crucial seeds of peace? -Have we misread key passages in the Bible concerning Christian identity and other faiths? What does conversion really mean? -What is the process by which authentic Indian-Christian faith emerges? -What is the role of Theology in faith? In understanding Religion? -Are there serious Christian-Hindu faith & theology that are important for Christian Theology, especially for Dalit Theology? -Is there serious Christian-Hindu dialogue taking place today? -What pastoral problems arise in inter-faith relationships?